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Welcome to Sencha touch tutorial, in this series of tutorial we will learn about mobile application development using Sencha touch 2.x. We will learn about how sencha touch models can be used to hold the application data, how view can be used to render the UI components, how controller can be used as bridge between model and view. Moving further, we will also learn about how sencha touch store can be used to interact with server to get the data, how to add click listeners to controller or to a view and much more stuff.

The main focus of this tutorial is to help you learn about Sencha touch models, views and controllers. Sencha touch provides few tools like ST architect which can ease up the work, but i am not going to cover all those tools in this series.

So let’s start with the simple definition of Sencha touch

What is Sencha touch?

Sencha touch is the framework which helps us to build nice mobile/tablet web applications. It provides many tools which ease the application development for mobile as well as for tablet.

To start with sencha touch development you need to download .zip file from sencha touch website,  this package includes sencha touch examples, docs, js files, css file etc.

To test your code you can download Ripple which is a browser based mobile application testing tool, other than that you can use simulators and chrome developer tools to test your application.

Below are the topics that we will cover in this course.

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