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Codeureka aims at making the development and use of mobile applications seamless and enjoyable for one and all.
Want to equip yourself with the knowledge of Android, HTML 5 and CSS3?
Wish somebody could share your doubts on the application you’re trying to develop with much hard work and dedication?
Like an app developed by us? Wish you could customize it?
We are here to help you!
Join us in this fun-filled journey of taking the development of mobile applications to the next level.



Our Services

  • Free Lancing

    We have a dedicated team to work on Android and mobile web freelance projects that understand customer needs and deliver quality product within a given time frame.

    Project Solution

    We believe in delivering on time quality product. We have a dedicated team of developers who understand client requirements and work hard to deliver end-to-end solution.

    Corporate Training

    An organization can only grow when they have team of skilled professionals. Our training programs bring astute technical skills into professionals.

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